analogue eats digital

either it's:
(a) a series of hand-made pictures by mr. ministeck
(b) a music homeproduction that eats corporate label-land
(c) the latest must-have-must- hear-oh-so-cute gadget.

if you guessed (a),(b) and (c) then - ding! ding! - you guessed right, and you're almost as cool as the tv-tower of alexanderplatz.
what a concept. a music-art crossover sampler from berlin.
before you roll your eyes, hear us out. this is the one you've been waiting for.
get ready to get your guts pixelated and your brains transformed into pure plastic-passion by the homeproduced, hand-toasted mini-cd: ANALOGUE EATS DIGITAL - we *heart* mr. ministeck!
mr. ministecks loves music and musicians love mr. ministeck's work. five berlin based artists show their love and appreciation for mr. ministeck by performing ministeck-love-songs. and mr. ministeck says thankyou by including an original ministeck-pacmania-image with every cd.

but now let's zoom in and get closer to the details of the joining musicians:

"my heart is made of ministeck"

genderboogie-queen and hobbyrock-diva (gianna sisters), co-owner of "this girl is a boy"-mp3-label and amateur-pornographer
PS: pinknoise ( is currently looking for a new muse (preferably female, older than 25 and younger than 40, preferably either blonde and goodlooking or ugly and funny as hell) and a cheap 3-4-room appartment in berlin mitte/prenzlauer berg (or a job AND a cheap appt in n.y.c.)

previous releases:
v.a. "fucky don't cd", fucky laibel

frederik schikowski
"wie wird die liebe gesteckt?"

disks recorded by the popular frederik schikowski have been coming out in this country in record breaking numbers. they are in great demand with the teenagers and with their parents as well; his song "wie wird die liebe gesteckt?" has become almost the nation's property. it is beeing sung by all, from kindergarden childrens to nightclub-habitués and no wonder as the song is melodious and catchy apealing to everyone while his performer radiades usefullness and charm.
his extraordinary popularity led others to imitate him, so that all over the country htere has been springing up recently musicians calling themselves similary "rolf zukowski, frederic chopin, gerhard potuznik".

art of kissing
"mister ministeck"

evelin (minitchêv, metalloop) and franz (jeans team)
finding out about the secrets of AOK:
they travelled kiss mountains and danced on rabbits with the best emotional business of the world: LOVE.
we give the signs just like a kiss.
p.s. dream, rabbit, dream!

previous releases:
kiss mountain, 7", fucky laibel,


neoangin is painter and musician jim avignon "the andy warhol of contemporary berlin" (dazed and confused). he sells his art aggressively cheaply, works like mad and paints faster than you can switch channels. his music connects neoexistentialistic songwriting with post techno electronic. while his palette is technicolor, the humor is strictly black.

new album : a friendly dog in an unfriendly world

stereo total
"je rêve encore de toi"

the french-german garage-chanson-éléctronique duo STEREO TOTAL from berlin is making a kind of musical ministeck. they quote styles from distant musical planets (french chanson, garage, punkrock, disco, early 80ties childrens-electronic-toy-music from düesseldorf, rock'a'billy, booty), but the results are never a patchwork, they are two-minute melodic-hysteric masterpieces from a musical planet of their own.
the band stereo total consists of the french vocalist françoise cactus, who is also playing drums, and the german brezel göring on pocketsampler, microcomposer and selfbuilt guitar.
they recorded four albums (oh ah, monokini, jukebox alarm, my meldody), toured in 19 countries and sing in 8 languages (french, german, japanese, turkish, english, italian, islandic, spanish).
the new album musique automatique will be released in october 01.

it is produced by the turko-finnish cem oral, better known as jammin unit from the band air liquide.

but that's not even half of it:

there's of course pacman, the cute speedy pinky, bashfull inky, the delicious orange, the lovely pear and our all-time favourite: the strawberry!

every cd includes a personalized - (you get to choose between 6 different motives, click see images) - pacmania-ministeck-image which has been cracked by pixelpusher norbert bayer. known for his notorious pixelextravaganza, he's created an unexpected renaissance of an almost forgotten technique: the mosaic. but he wouldn't be known as mr. ministeck if his mosaics weren't somehow special: they're made from plastic. to be exact: from little plastic pieces, placed on a grid. he takes a children's creativity-game, first produced in the sixties by a franconian company named ministeck, to remix images taken out of classic-computer-games in the analogue world. So it's all about do-it-yourself / write-your-own-program - PLASTIC-PASSION!

so, are you hungry now? wanna know where to get it?

it's available through and selected record-stores (click buy in stores)

place your orders now!

artist: various
title: analogue eats digital: we *heart* mr. ministeck

format: 3" cd

release date:
UK: september 1st 2001
germany: october 1st 2001